Frederick is a motivational & inspirational keynote speaker available who has an incredible impact on people. He is one of a very few speakers that
Frederick covers a range of topics during his keynotes, his story highlights overcoming the fear of judgment, delayed gratification & an ability to keep moving forwards 
Lower Education
The aim at primary schools is to encourage a growth mindset. Frederick uses his story in athletic to help the kids understand the importance of confidence and resilience.
Higher Education / Business
At this level, the aim it to raise attainment and instilling crucial mindsets to help the students through the rest of their time in education and in life in general.
Some of the topics covered are:
* How to deal with failure 
* Importance of goal setting
* How to reach your potential
 So far, Fred has inspired over 100,000 students 
His feedback is phenomenal, every educational institution has rated Frederick 5/5

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