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Award winning school speaker & international sprinter

Get ready for the next level! I’m Frederick Afrifa an award-winning school speaker & international sprinter who is known to transform the way young people think

I have helped over 100,000 students and young people get to the next level.

My vulnerable thought-provoking assemblies and workshops inspire, motivate, and invigorate young people across the country by allowing to remove any artificial ceiling and get to the next level!

"Believe you can and you're halfway there"


How Do I Help

Boosting Grades

Frederick’s assemblies and workshops focus on boosting attainment. Students will feel more compelled to study which will see an increase in grades achieved.


One of the key aspects of any Ofsted report is personal development. This aspect asks how the curriculum extends beyond the academic side of things. This will be a chance for students to develop their character, their values & think about their future as working citizens


Bullying is something a lot of school struggle with. Frederick has experience in eradicating bullying in schools & understands which language to use to address this problem in schools

Improved Employability

Frederick helps students understand the importance of forward thinking, helping them understand different career options and helps them work on their communication skills as it’s the most important soft skill for increased employability.

Mental Health

School can be incredibly stressful, especially around exam season. Frederick is passionate about helping students manage stress and anxiety. Its not about wishing they went away, but more so learning how to manage them.


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