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Award-winning school speaker and international sprinter

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Get ready for the next level! I’m Frederick Afrifa an award-winning school speaker & international sprinter who is known to transform the way young people think. My mission is to create a world where young people can thrive & believe in greatness. My vulnerable thought-provoking assemblies and workshops inspire, motivate, and invigorate young people across the country.

I understand the challenges that schools, colleges and local governments face when it comes to young people and the importance of motivating students to reach their potential. My proven methods have helped to eradicate bullying and anti-social behaviour in schools, raise attainment/ grades, and motive young people to take their lives & education seriously.

Students often go through change & parental pressure; this can leave young people paralysed by the weight of expectation, I am known to help young people step into their greatness and get to the next level.

Overcoming Fear

I have found that my speeches inspire and empower young people to take charge of their lives. By showing them the value of having a resilient growth mindset, I helps students to see that the struggles in life are something to be thankful for, as they make us stronger.

I understand that some teachers may feel students may be coasting and not living up to their full potential. That’s why I uses relatable stories and proven techniques to encourage young people to take charge of their lives and keep moving forwards.

My unique approach has been recognized by schools, universities, local governments and councils across the country & I am proud to have worked with some of the biggest names in education.

If you are looking for an inspiring and transformative speaker for your school, then look no further, let me help you take them to the NEXT LEVEL. With my proven track record of success, you can be sure that you will see increased grades, more motivated students, and lower anti-social behaviours. Get in touch today to find out how I can help you transform the lives of the young people in your community and schools.

Keep Moving Forwards

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